Pedigree of CH Aljens Vitruvius (Org)






CH Trudy's Some Thing To Talk About (Sable)

Trudy's Hey Dude (Blk N Tn)

Kayra's Calif. Dream At Trudys (Org Sbl)

CH Kayra's Busting Out Diamonds (Org)

Joart's Diamond Chips (Org Sbl)

Kayra's Dancing Duchess (Org)

Kayra's D'Manding One (Org)

CH Joart's Captain Of My Heart (Org Sbl)

Kayra's Angel On My Shoulder (Org)

GCH Trudy's Aiming For The Top (Org Sbl)

CH Jan-Shars Dudly Doright (Org)

Tookeyes The Gold Smith ROMX(Crm)

Jan-Shars Gone And Done It (Org)

Trudy's Cream Delite (Crm)

CH Trudy's Country Club ROM (Crm Sbl)

Trudy's Delicate Lace (Wht)

Trudy's Top Of The Line (Crm Sbl)

CH Trudy's Wild Guess (Sbl)

Trudy's Special Edition (Org Sbl)

Wyndlor-N-DJS Oliver Twist (Org)

Trudy's Myra (Crm Sbl)

Trudy's Hootie Owl (Wlf Sbl)

Trudy's Tiny Tim (Org Sbl)

Trudy's Spanish Peanut (Org Sbl)

Showin's Feminine Mystique (Crm Sbl)

CH Barbara's Dancing With Silver (Crm Sbl)

Cj's Gay Cvilier (Sbl)

Hazel's My-T-Fine Prety Misty (Wht)

Sho-Win's Call Of The Wild (Wlf Sbl)

Cj's Gay Cvilier (Sbl)

Mitzi's Sparkeling Jewel (Wlf Sbl)

CH Faith de Fanchaly Of Lenette ROM (Org)

CH Rueben Of Lenette ROM (Org)

BISA CH AJ's Smokin Joe ROM (Sbl)

CH Janesa's Maxx-Factor (Org Sbl)

CH Wee Hearts Glen Iris Talisman (Blk & Tn)

Janesa Hi Struttin Mary (Org Sbl)

AJ's Catch A Falling Star (Org Sbl)

CH Mystars Bon Chance (Crm)

Janesa's Hi Struttin Katie (Org Sbl)

Tammy's In Love Of Lenette (Org)

CH Clairmont's Max In Carolina (Org)

CH Great Elms Firestarter ROMX (Org)

CH Clairmonts Carolina Delite (Org)

Angela Of Lenette (Org)

CH Kacee's Tailors Teddy Bear (Blk N Tn)

Calamity Jane Of Lenette (Org Sbl)

CH Amber Glow Of Lenette ROMS (Rd)

BISA BISS CH Pufpride Sweet Dreams ROMS HOF GC(Org)(#1 Stud in 2004-2009)(43 BISA)

CH Ralston Pufpride Dreamer (Org Sbl)

CH Allayn's Rock N Rebellion (Org Sbl)

Ro Dons De Artas Car Dens (Crm)

CH Pufpride Mz Cloud Knigne (Rd)

CH Pufpride Cloudbreaker ROM (Org)

Pufpride Charmn T Aira (Rd)

Maude Of Lenette (Org)

CH Yolandas Golden Aires Duke (Org)

CH Great Elms Topbrass O Yolanda (Org)

Yolandas Twinkle Of Image (Org)

Audrey Of Lenette (Rd)

CH Great Elms Tim Topper (Org)

Tiana Of Lenette (Org Sbl)