Pedigree of Aljens Musical Kate (Org)






CH Music Maker Of Lenette ROMS (Org)

CH Millamor's Makin Music (Org)

CH Jan Le's Willie Makit (Rd) ROM

CH Debonne's Boxcar Willie (Org)

CH Midas Fascinating Thythm (Org)

Bev-Nor's Classy Chassis (Org)

CH Jan Le's Til We Meet Again (Org)

CH Jan Le's Ragtime Music (Org)

Theldun's Tia Maria (Rd)

Bev-Nor's Brandi Of Millamor (Rd Sbl) ROM

CH Bev-Nor's Statesman (Org) ROMX

BISA CH Bev-Nor's Toasted Fudge (Rd Sbl) ROMS

Bev-Nor's Tess (Org)

Bev-Nor's Ebony N Rust (Blk N Tn)

BISA CH Bev-Nor's Toasted Fudge (Rd Sbl) ROMS

Bev-Nor's Trish Jul-Kan (rRd)

Honeycomb Of Lenette (Org) ROMX

BISS CH Dominic Of Lenette (Org) ROM

CH Millamor's Dance Of Sourwood (Org) ROM

CH Apple's Traveling Rambler (Rd) ROM

Merrymont Bit O Honey

Mack's Rambling Gypsy (Org) ROMX

CH Apple's Traveling Rambler (Rd) ROM

Munchkin's One-Fifty-One (Crm Sbl)

CH Sweet Charlotte Of Lenette (Org)

CH Great Elms Mr Chips (Org) ROMS (Top Sire 2000 & 2002)

CH Great Elms Master Mark (Org) ROM

Great Elms Beauty

Priscilla Of Lenette (Org)

CH Beaver Of Lenette (Rd) ROM

Becky Of Lenette (Org)

Silverberg's Foxy Roxy (Org Sbl)

Lee's Shaded Victory (Org)

Lee's Shadow Dancer Of Mason (Rd)

Dupre's Flaming Lil Shadow (Org)

CH Emcee's Terrific Wee Chips ROMX (Org)

Sweet Betsy OF Timstopper (Org)

Cresendo Key Note (Org Sbl)

Millamor's Musical Hobby (Org)

Emcee's Chelsea Of Jer Mar (Org Sbl)

Lee's Victory Song (Org)

Mason's Poetic Justice (Org)

Bells Justin Of Aristo (Org)

Baba's Tropical Whip (Org)

Mason's Star Bryte (Org)

Kazar's Sungold Cowboy (Org)

Mason's Thunderstorm II (Org Sbl)

Mathews Sweet Orange Blossom (Org)

Hickory Bends Fancy Dancer (Org)

CH Traditions Legend Of Oakridge ROM(Org)

BISA BISS CH Rock N Tradition Of Oakridge ROMS HOF GC(Org) (1995 & 1996 TOP SIRE)

Merry Rock Music Of Oakridge (Org)

CH Doo-Shays Southern Savannah (Org)

Southland's Tar Baby's Image (Blk N Tn)

Doo-Shays Miss Magnum (Org)

JC Mathews Pixie Dust (Org Sbl)

Brenda's Bobby Boy (Org)

CH Wee Paws Pure Gold (Org)

Brenda's Cinnamon Girl (Org)

Kooy's Peches And Cream (Org)

Lana's Top O The Morning (Org)

Jd's Golden Enchantres (Org)