Pedigree of GCH Ragdolls First To Fight At Dreamweaver (Orange)






CH Ragdolls Medal Of Honor (Org)

CH Dreamweavers Ring Of Fire ROM (Org)

CH Chriscendo Communicado ROM (Org)

Can CH Peppipoms Classically Yours CROM (Org)

BIS Can/Am CH Chriscendo Classico (Org)

Windmist Whatyagonnado ROM (Rd Sbl)

Chriscendo Cameo Rose (Org)

Can CH Millamor's Mightee Of Emcee (Org)

BIS Can CH Chriscendo Cameo (Org)

CH Dreamweavers Sparklin Fire Rose (Org)

CH Dreamweavers Fire Dancer (Org)

CH DreamWeavers Sparklin Firecracker (Org)

CH DW Sazparilla Sparkler Of RD (Org)

Primetime Days Of Wine 'N' Roses (Org)

CH Primetime Chip Ahoy (Org)

Primetime Climbing Rose (Red)

Ragdoll's Won't Sugarcoat It (Org)

CH Glen Iris Mark Of Zorro (Org)

Ch Mountain Crest Hard Rock ROM (Org)

Glen Iris Rock Star

Mountain Crest Chloe

Kalos Jessica Of Glen Iris (Org)

Kalos Lionhart Of Lenette

Glen Iris Sunpower Of Zanara

CH Ragdoll's Goldmist Sugar Cookie (Org)

Kenney's Gold Mist Colbe (Org)

CH Kenney's Gold Mist Casper

Kenney's Gold Mist Nedra

CH Ragdoll's Gingerbread Cookie (Org)

CH Mack's Me No Sissy

Lakeway N Ragdoll's Candy Apl ROM

Litlekisses Highway To Brookhaven (Org)

CH Viktres Puddle Jumper (Org Sbl)

CH Jaken's Splashing In The Rain At Jan Le (Blk N Tn)

CH Making A Splash At Lenette (Org)

Tresstique Rosemary (Blk/Tan)

CH Windsor's Darling Debutante (Org)

CH Shyacres Our Man Samson (Org)

CH Velvet Touch Southern Belle (Org Sbl)

Magic Autumn Sonnet Of Lenette (Red)

CH Magic Touch Of Lenette (Red)

CH Music Maker Of Lenette ROMS (Org)

CH Millamor's Makin Music (Org)

Honeycomb Of Lenette ROMX (Org)

Nikki Of Lenette (Org)

CH Mac's Frankly My Dear ROM (Org)

CH Mac's Something Special (Rd Sbl)

Mac's Joy Of Life (Org)

Angela Of Lenette (Org)